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  • Ad-blocking software/extensions and even some Anti-Virus can prevent the miner from running, or even reduce your hash rate. Hence it is suggested to stop them.
  • This is a web browser miner which you can use to mine ES-Coin
  • You can mine on any device, and will get good hashes. In order to prevent Overheating please use Low Thread
  • Coins mined are automatically added to your account after every few minutes. If it doesn't get added, do not worry as they will be added the next round. the miner or close the window.
  • You must also wait 60 seconds after each time the server is checked for updates
  • Mining will stop when the Stop button is clicked, or when this browser is closed. A popup may confirm closing the browser, that is mainly to avoid accidental closes.
  • Your mined coins will be added to your recent transactions after you stop the miner or close the window
  • This amount added to your recents transactions is not always entirely accurate as this amount is added vaguely after you stop the miner. While the mined coins are actually added to your account are added after each accepted share (after being verified). Hence the amount said in your recents transactions regarding your balance update after mining may be different than what is actually added, though it is an addition of every accepted share, it can be changed or different.
  • A small box will appear on your screen everytime you have mined some coins.
  • This mining process will increase the CPU usage on your PC/device whilst it is running, depending on your threads picked. More threads will give a higher hash rate, but more CPU usage.
  • The mining earning amounts will fluctuate frequently based on mining difficulty and crypto exchange rates.